• Pengguna Brainly
Last year end school holiday my family and i went to langkawi island which is located in the northern region of malaysia in the state of kedah . it offers many attractions for all the tourist who wanted to have a vacation with family , friends or private.  ( sebagai pendahuluan ) 
 -describe about your preparation for langkawi  
- how many hour take from your home 2 the jetty  
- where you parked your car ( HOW MUCH CoST )  
-describe about the scenery  
-how many passengers in the board  
-arrived at jetty what are u doing at the jetty point shoping complex> like u buy some langkawi chocolates, souviners for your friend ( descibe about your friend and y u buy souviner because you love him very much.  
- after arrived at langkawi where did u stay (hotel) > describe about the hotel and it facilities. 
-how do u enjoy there like > playing .... .. and where did u go like visit historical place... 
finish with....... the memories that i have in there is which i can't forget forever in my life. 
i always remember our laugh and story in my heart.thanks a lot 2 my parents and my family members that bring me to there and spent my time with them ............... 
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