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On weekends ago, I and my friends went on holiday on the island of Langkawi . When the days that we're already anticipated, we have been providing goods - goods that need to be taken to get there.
After 3 hours we had come to the place of destination. We are pleased that our merry way to come to here. After arrived at the airport, we were looking for a hotel to stay for two days and one night.When already booked hotel, we took about an hour to rest.
After resting for an hour, we were down to take the fresh air. After a few minutes, we intend to fill a hungry stomach at a nearby restaurant. We are impressed with the exceptional cuisine near the beach.
We intend to see the beauty of the sun setting over jetty. We not think that's so beautiful when the sun goes down.
The next day, we went to the cafeteria for breakfast .After we finished breakfast, we intend to `go to the store to buy some souvenirs as gifts to take home. It's only that we can reach.
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