• Pengguna Brainly

SYNOPSISThe poem tells of the weather conditions in Jamaica although it does not have the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The weather conditions of golden sunny days and wet rainy days are just as good and are almost equivalent to the four seasons.VocabularyLush – Healthy growth
Magnificently  – wonderfully, grandly, beautifully
Swish – The sound made by moving water
Gullies  – Channels cut out in the earth by persistent rainfall
Struggling – Fighting to survive; moving with great physical effort
Fade – Lose their colour
Fallow – Left bare (in order to recover natural fertility)
Paved  – Covered
THEMESBeauty of nature
Appreciation of one own country
Appreciate nature
MORAL VALUESWe should appreciate what we have in our own country
We should not long for what we do not have.
We should appreciate our homeland.
We should appreciate the beauty of nature.
Appreciative and happy
Carefree and light-hearted
Sense of beauty

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