My name is _____.I was__ years old.I'm still school at SMK ______.I was born at ______.My birth date is on _____.I'm leaving at ______,____,Malaysia.I have ____ siblings and me is the ____ in my siblings.

          I want to be a ______ after I finished my school because I want to help my parents after that.I like that my ambition because it is the best and more chalengge.My hobbies is ______,_____ and _____.My favourite food is _____.My favourite drinks is ____.
          My idol is ______.I take her/him as my idol because he/she is gritty,intense and bold.He/she look was very great and make me feel to trying for become an even more powerful when I  have become a great person in my carieers like him/her one day.