It's a story of a boy named Richard. Richard has a soft spot for nature and poetry. Unlike Gus, his brother, and father who prefers hunting. He would prefer to sit by himself disapproving of what his dad and brother do.They shoot and harm animals! That certainly distirbs his inner soul telling him that it  isnt supposed the right thing to do.

Mr Joyce Kilmer is a poet, a naturalist, a journalist plus he's now serving a military army.
How can one be poetic and be brave simulatenously? That has alerted Richard to send him a letter to Seargeant Joyce Kilmer. Surprisingly, he gets a reply. They constantly keep contacting until one day.... which rips his heart and the heart of the nation.-the death of Seargeant Joyce Kilmer.People get inspired by the story once they read it from the weekly bulletin. Finallyhis dad accepts the way he trudges, that is not a usual way like any man could do. Mr. Kilmer proves to the world of something we could learn.
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