• Pengguna Brainly
The synopsis that I learn in novel The RaiIway Children written by Edith Nesbit in form three is about a story of three siblings,Roberta[Bobbie],Peter and Phyllis.At the beginning of the story ,the children live in comfortable house in London.One day,two men come to their house and take their father away.He is actually taken away to prison for treason.The children,however do not know that at first .The family soon becomes poor and the children move with their mother to a little white house in the country area.The house is near a railway line.The children spend a lot of time watching the trains.They also make friends with the workers at the railway station .Their mother writes stories  to make ends meet.Even though they are now poor and life in difficult situation,They accept their new life .There are times when they make mistake but they soon learn from them.Peter steals coal from railway station to keep the house warm.He caught red-handed but the Station Master lets him off and warns him do not to do it again.The children also have many adventures.They stop a train when a landslide covers the track.Then they find an injured boy in the train tunnel.The children make friends with an old gentleman who always rides the train.The man later helps them buy special food for their mother when she is sick.He also helps their father by proving him innocent .The story ends with the children's father returning to them.