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Tanjung Rhu is a simple yet heartfelt story about the relationship between Mr. T. W. Li, a rich businessman in the shipping business and his mother(Ah Ma). Mr Li has his office at Shenton Way and is modern in his ways and ideas. His mother is a traditional with strong religious beliefs and practices ancestors worship religiously. They have a close relationship although Mr Li does not seem to realise it. The day after Ah Ma's funeral, Mr Li recalls the day he told his mother about using binoculars or far-see glasses but she refused to use it. While he wants her ti havr a better vision with the binoculars, she however hopes to see her husband's shipyard in Tanjung Rhu with the binoculars. She uses them but does not sees anything. Instead, she tells Mr. Li that she sees his childhood days when they enjoyed walks on Tanjung Rhu beach in her mind's eyes. Mr Li refused to listen to her old memories. Soon,he regrets his actions and he cannot remember all these details. Mr Li wants to ask Ah Ma further. But,she becomes very sick and unable to talk much. She manages to convey the urgency of a hidden key to the altar before she draws her last breath. He promise to fulfill this last wish of hers but he is unable to find the key.
moral value:- 1) Although we live in modern world, we must not forget our traditional values 2) We must learn to appreciate people while we can 3) Money cannot buy everything 4) Learn to respect and tolerate each other 5) We should consider and accept changes in our lives and progress with the time 6) We should always voice out our feelings especially if we want to express feelings of love for a family member especially an old parent.
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sory just got synopsis.. i will update if gets more
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