The snow has come to an end.The school has started again in the month of April.America declares war on Germany.One morning,Richard's English teacher,Mrs Hansen,tells the class that a famous poet,Joyce Kilmer has just volunteered for army service in the ongoing world war.She reads a poem entitled "Tree" written by Joyce Kilmer to the class,Richard is fascinated by the beauty of the simple poem.Richard borrows Mrs Hansen poetry book and secretly jotted down the New Yorks Time editors office address .On the way back home.Richard meets Hannah Schermers,the preety girl of German crying in the hallway because someone had returned her "dirty hun"on her book cover.

Richard confronts his classmates who then reveal their hatred toward Germans.After back home,Richard decide to write to Mr Kilmer ,he introduces himself and tels him that he likes his simple poems and shares about his secret poetry writing.He sents the letter to the New York Times
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1.      One morning toward the end of April, Mrs. Hansen started her English class by reading a poem title Tree written by Henry Kilmer. 2.      Richard was mesmerized by the poem so that he met Mrs. Hansen personally after class. Mrs. Hansen gladly lend him her copy of the book called Trees and Other Poems. 3.      Richard found the address of the editor’s office when he peeked in the New York Times and jotted it down in his notebook. 4.      On his way home, he saw Hannah standing alone in the hallway, crying. Her book cover was full of the words ‘Dirty Huns’. 5.      He talked to Blanche Freebold, Abner Lewis and Harry Carver to make correct their expectations to Schermers’ family but he failed. 6.      That night, he made decision to write a letter to Joyce Kilmer. 7.      Richard decided to drop it off at the post office before school tomorrow rather than put the letter in the mailbox in front of the house, worried someone might see it before the postman came.
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