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Chapter 1
Early morning during the above freezing February air,Richard,Gus and Pa went to dear hunting.Pa bet Richard was going to get his first deer on that day.However, Richard delibarately misfired to avoid killing the beautiful young buck.Gus tried to encourage his brother to more sociable and scolding him for missing the shot.

Gus  was active in sports meanwhile Richard loves farming.After dinner,Pa nad Gus started talk about sports.Richard went to the kitchen to help his sister Angie who has taking care of the house after their mother die.Pa and Gus always took it for granted.Richard explained to Pa that he did nit have the right to kill the animals.Pa confessed that he grieving everytime he shot an animal.In past eye,maybe he was remembering his wife or his brother ,Roland who was killed in a war in Cuba.Richard felt satisfied after he shared his feeling with Pa.

Richard went to his room,and took a piece of paper and pen and started writing a poemabout How a Deer been killed and he put it in the drawer on top of other poemsand he did not want anyone to know about it.
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