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Read the story below and answer the question that follow.

Long ago,there were two friends who were farmers.Their names were Ujang and Ramli.They were best of friends and neighbours too.

One day,when Ujang was digging a well,he found a wooden box buried deep in the ground.He opened and found gold coins in it.Ujang and Ramli what he had found.He said,"You are my best friend.I plan to share half the gold with you."Ramli replied,"I'II take the box home and take out my share. Then you can have the rest."

Back home,when Ramli and his wife saw the gold coins,they became greedy.They wanted all the gold for themselves. Ramli and his wife imagined what they could do with the gold. After dinner,they opened the box once more to see the gold coins. To their surprise,the gold coins suddenly changed into worms. Ramli thought Ujang played a trick on him.

Feeling angry and disappointed, Ramli and his wife took the box to Ujang's house.As they came nearer, they could hear Ujand abd his wife talking about their good fortune. Ramli and his wife became angrier. They wanted to teach Ujang and his wife a lesson. They decided to climb up the roof. Through a hole on the roof,they emptied the box of worms onto the couple's heads. As the worms came down,they changed into gold coins.

A.Tick √ the correct answer

Ujang found the box when he was....
1:digging a well ( )
2:climbing the roof ( )
3:having his dinner ( )

The most suitable proverb for the story is...
1:one good torn deserves another. ( )
2:make hay while the sun shines ( )
3.empty vessels make the most noise ( )

B.write your answer in the spaces provided.

1:what did Ujang plan to do with the gold coins?

2:do you think Ujang played a trick on Ramli?why?

3:Ramli and his wife emptied the box of worms onto Ujang's head. Was the action correct?why?


The most suitable proverb for the story is...
1:one good torn deserves another. 

Ujang found the box when he was....
1:digging a well

0 0 0
1. Ujang planned to share the gold coins with Ramli.
2. I don't think so because the gold coins are the real one (right?)
3. His action is wrong as the worms turn into the gold coins when he poured it onto Ujang and his wife head. His action is wrong and even unlucky. 
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