Bahagian A:choose the best answer.

SK bukit perkasa organised a singing competition last week. The stage was decorated beautifully with 12 and ribbons. One of the contestants 13 singing on the stage. A 14 was busy taking pictures of the event. There was a panel of judges sitting 15 that table in front of the stage. The trophies for the winners were arranged neatly on the table.

12 A.balloons

13.A. Is


Bahagian B:read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Laila BT Sidek proved that poverty and family problems did not stop her from succeeding in her studies. Laila scored straight as in the recent UPSR examination. She was selected as the best pupil in her school for her achievements in her studies and cocurricular activities. Her headmaster was very proud of her.

Her father,a labourer,works hard to support the family of six. In the morning, he taps rubber trees. In the afternoon,he does carpentry to earn extra income. Her mother is a housewife. She helps to make ends meet by selling nasi leak. She also weaves mats to sell.

Yesterday evening,when interviewed by three reporters,Laila said that she owed her success to her teachers and parents. By having group discussion with her friends and planning her time well,she managed to score good grades in her examinations.

1 how many members are there in Laila's family?


2 the phrase make ends meet shows that Laila's mother has

Planned the future/achieved her hope/a lot of money/to do extra money

3 what did Laila do to achieved straight as in her UPSR?

She had group discussion and managed her time well/she took part in the cocurricular activities/her teachers helped with her homework/her father supported the family

4 to whom did she owe her success?

Parents and teachers/reporters and parents/labourers and reporters/parents,teachers and friends

5 from the passage,we know that Laila

Likes to weave mats/is a nasi lemak seller/succeeded in her studies/always has discussion with her mother



1) A
2) C
3) D
4) A
1) achieved her hope
2) she had a group discussion and managed her time well
3) parents and teachers
4) succeeded in her studies