Study the flyer and read the dialogue below. Answer the question that follow.


Trillion Supermarket
4,Jalan Raja Chulan
33000 Kuala Kangsar

10-70% discount

Stationery - 10%
Toys - 20%
Fishing equipment - 30%
Gardening tools - 40%
Electrical appliances - 50%
Clothing - 70%
FREE ice cream for children below 12 on the first day
( 1-14 December 2013 )
Spend RM 300 in a single receipt and get a RM 30 voucher

Free parking for every purchase of RM 150 and above
Open : Monday - Sunday
10:30 a.m - 10:30 p.m

Imran : Mum,did you see the flyer about the sale at Trillion Supermarket?

Mum : What's so special about it ? Is there anything interesting?

Imran : They're giving great discount. Shall we go this evening?

Mum : What do you want to buy?

Imran : It's Grandma's birthday next Monday. Let's get her a present.

Mum : Oh, I almost forgot about it.

Imran : Dad, would you like to join us? They're giving discount for fishing equipment too.

Mum : I'm sure dad will agree. Moreover, I don't feel like driving today.

Dad : Alright. Get the key.

Tick ( √ ) the correct answer.

1 : Imran and his eight-year-old sister are at the supermarket on the first day of the sale. His sister will get a.....

Present / 10% discount / free ice cream

2 : "Oh, I almost forgot about it". The word it in the dialogue refers to the.....

Discount / birthday / supermarket

3 : "moreover, I don't feel like driving today."

Why do you think Imran's mother said that ?

4 : Imran's grandmother loves outdoor activities. Suggest an item for her birthday present and give reasons to support your suggestion.


5 : Why does the supermarket give a RM 30 voucher for every RM 300 spent in a single receipt ? Give reasons to support your answer.

Jawapan :



1. Free ice-cream 2. Birthday 3. I think Imran's mother said that because she wants his father to drive them to Trillion Supermarket. 4. I think Imran should get her a gardening tool set for her borthday. This is because she can plant beautiful flowers in her garden. 5. The supermarket give a RM30 voucher for every RM300 spent in a single receipt because they are encouraging customers to buy more from them. ((Hrp2 jwpn semua betul ^ ^))