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- Appleton Elementary is packed with different kinds of kids and actions
- At times , he tries to be friendly and greets his classmates but often , they just stare back fiercely and ignore him 
- Before the classes start , Newt finds a quiet place for him to settle down .
- He takes out one of his Secret Superhero Sketchbooks and start playing with his imagination
- Newt has never shown his sketching of the superhero characters to anyone else except to his bestfriend , Cecil and JJ , who have utmost admiration towards newt's creativity.
- Cecil alerts them of the coming halloween and suggest that they celebrate it as usual .
- Talking about celebrating Halloween , the three of them are bored with their own costume as they have been wearing the same outfits for years
-Eventually ,  Cecil suggests that each of them needs to come out with an outstanding Halloween costumes based on their 'inner other' that will catch everybody's attention . 
 (you can combine all of the points above and become a paragraph , I hope this will help you , :D)
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