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-Newt stops thinking about Halloween when he recalls the momment Chris mentions Reggie Ratner , an opponent from Merrimac High who has always been holding grudges against his brother.
- To make it worst , during the Big Game , the crowd play sentiment on both Chris and Reggie .
-Newt , who is now away from his bleacher , is shown his way out after he fails to present his seat ticket to the person in charge .
-When the final quarter starts , both teams are level and unfortunately, Newtis forced to watch the game from outside the wire fence surrounding Fillmore Field.
-He can see that the Home team , especially his brother , is playing their hearts out until the game reaches its last 45 seconds -the Away team is leading two points.
-Without giving up , the Big Game is getting more intense during the last seven seconds .
-The Ferrets show high determination and Chris manages to get a last minute touchdown.
-There are mixed feelings on the ground as the opponents bow down to their defeat and the home crowd is jubilant with the winning streak .

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