-Newt is out of words when is asked to explain about his outfit as he is wearing his brother's pieces of clothing.
-JJ asks him if there is something wrong with his brother .
-Newt replies that his brother is doing fine .
-He does not want to let his best friends down so he insists that both of them should continue celebrating Halloween without him .
-Newt finally confeses that he does not have a costume for himself and immediately explains everything that he did searh for a suitable costume before Cecil and JJ respond to the confession .
-After a lomg silence , Cecil and JJ decide to transform Newt's outfit on the spot .
-both of them alter the pieces of clothing that Newt is wearing and eventually they manage to produce an outstanding costume
-They reach ultimate transformation when JJ cuts two small holes on the sweatband that newt is wearing on his forehead and change it into a mask .
-Newt himself feels rejuvented after looking at himself in the mirror .
-The three of them feel ecstatic as they finally manage to celebrate the halloween together
Cecil and JJ try to make Newt a special costume for Halloween. They put him in a pair of red sweatpants and tucked them into Chris's silver dress shoes which were striped with lightning belts. JJ attached the grey fabric to the shoulders of purple baseball jersey that I had on. Finally they got an idea which was cut 2 holes of the sweat band and put it on Newt's forehead, that was a mask. When Newt saw himself in the front room mirror, he was not the Newt that had been starting back for the 10 years because of the amazing Halloween costume. He felt very much protected behind the costume.

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