Chapter 2 
The snow has come to an end.The school has started again in the month of April.America declares war on Germany.One morning,Richard's English teacher,Mrs Hansen,tells the class that a famous poet,Joyce Kilmer has just volunteered for army service in the ongoing world war.She reads a poem entitled "Tree" written by Joyce Kilmer to the class,Richard is fascinated by the beauty of the simple poem.Richard borrows Mrs Hansen poetry book and secretly jotted down the New Yorks Time editors office address .On the way back home.Richard meets Hannah Schermers,the preety girl of German crying in the hallway because someone had returned her "dirty hun"on her book cover.

Richard confronts his classmates who then reveal their hatred toward Germans.After back home,Richard decide to write to Mr Kilmer ,he introduces himself and tels him that he likes his simple poems and shares about his secret poetry writing.He sents the letter to the New York Times