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Chapter 3
   A terrible incident has happen at the tavern own by Hannah Schermers parents.It has been vandelised.To insteal good values in students,Mrs Hansen encourags her students to sign a card to expressing their sympathy for  Hannah and her family.Mrs Hansen shocked at the protest by more vocal student and the culture of fear created by the class bullies which stop some sincere students from signing.In the end,only Richard sign the card.Richard action caused the students taunt him for supporting the German.Richard approaches his teacher and asked for the card and he want to personally delivered it to the Schermers.Abruptly,Richard was  attacked by  Abner and Harry but he manages to win the fight.Richard feels terrible as he wals home and keep pondering about the people of TurtleLake.On his way home,he climbs an old oak tree to watch a train pass by.He sees passanger happily travelling.As he reaches home,Angie running excitedly towards him with news that he has received a letter from New York.It is from Joyce Kilmer.
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