Relationships don't always last forever, but sometimes yes, it does last forever ! it depends on how much you love that person ! no matter what the movies and songs tell you. Sometimes love just falls apart. Sometimes people leave without ever saying why.

It's always worth taking inventory of what it feels like when something as huge as a breakup happens in our life.

By doing so, we recognize the universality of the experience and that can lend us just enough perspective to make us remember that we are never really alone when you knew that the person still loves you as you do  :)

Hope This Help You !

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Of course they feel very sad  if you left from someone's life.Did you have any problem with that person.You have to think and make a good decision in your life.And ask yourself why you want to left them,why you what to be far away from them,Did you do this because you love them or you do this because they make you sad .If this is your happiness to left from someone's,you should think how is their feeling if know about this.Sorry it just only my suggestion

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