Ini Jawapan Diperakui

Jawapan diperakui mengandungi maklumat yang boleh dipercayai dan diharapkan yang dijamin dipilih dengan teliti oleh sepasukan pakar. Brainly mempunyai berjuta-juta jawapan berkualiti tinggi, semuanya disederhanakan dengan teliti oleh ahli komuniti kami yang paling dipercayai, tetapi jawapan diperakui adalah terbaik di kalangan terbaik.
Last weekend,my family and I went to the beach for picnic. We went there by car . When we arrive, I saw many people surrounding one area. I told my mom to go see and she approve. When I went near,in the middle of the croud was an enormous turtle. I was surprised. I fetch my camera and take a snap of that turtle. It was cute even though it's enormous. Then my mother called for me. She wants my help on prepare the picnic set. After all of that, all of us sat down and eat the food pleasantly. I was really starved. After that I put on my swimsuit and went swimming. Then mom said it's time for us to go home. I was a little sar but I was satisfied with just this. After we clean all of the mess we made,we return to our home. I was happy and I wish that I can go there again sometime.

#kalau x faham bagitay
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