The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit: based on the novel, write on a character who shows determination. Provide evidence from the text to support your response.
• in not less than 50 words
• in continuous writing (not in note form)

# English literature form 3 pt3



Roberta is 12 years old. She has a brother named Peter and a younger sister named Phyllis.She is fondly known as Bobbie in this novel. She is the eldest of the three. One of her characters is, she is a very determined person.She doesn't easily throw in the towel when the odds seem to be against her.

There are many incidences in the novel where we can see her determination. For example, in chapter 3 (page 17 - paragraph 5 - lines 1-3),we can see how determined she was in getting the things necessary for her mother's recovery when her mother was ill. Her determinantion paid off when the old gentleman gave the things needed for her mother's recovery.

In chapter 6 (page 38 - read the whole page), Perks was not happy with people giving him presents.He was worried that people would laugh and make fun of him.Bobbie determinedly reasoned with Perks about the good intentions of the village people giving him the presents until he relented and accepted the gifts.Finally, Perks celebrated his birthday with a happy note.

In chapter 7 (pg 42 - the whole page), she did not give up in finding a way to help secure her father's release from prison. She was determined even when her mother had given up. She secretly wrote a letter to her friend the old gentleman asking for his help to clear her father's name.In the end her father was released from prison.