Language and Style of The Railway Children:
Direct speech‘Wake up!’ she said. ‘We’re in the new house, don’t you remember?’ – page 82.      Simple descriptionThere was a large kitchen with a stone floor, but there was no fire, and the room was cold.3.      Simile…it was like a terrible dream (page 40)4.      Personification‘ I wonder if the railway misses us’5.      ContrastThe tunnel was dark after the  sunshine outside…(page 46)6.      SymbolismThe railway is a symbol of hope : The railway brings their father back to them in the end (page 57)7.      Red is a symbol of dangerThe children make flags from red petticoats to warn the train of danger ( page 29)8.      Repetition for emphasisWell, I won’t know, I won’t know’ ( page 24)
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