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Many people are under a lot of stress, including students. Students spend too much time in their studies because they need to face public examinations such as UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM. Here are some ways to cope with stress.


Eating a balanced meal is important. Your meals should have essential nutrients that can maintain our bodies. For example, taking almonds helps to relax overstressed muscles.


Besides, we should have enough sleep. Our bodies need time to rest, so that we are ready for the next day. Taking six to eight hours of sleep is sufficient for students.


Eventually, we should have regular exercise. Most students do not have the habit of doing exercise daily or weekly. Therefore, they miss the chance of releasing tension easily.


Next, playing games also releases our stress. People are happy when they play their favourite games and they could temporally forget things that irritate or fuss them.


If you do not have friends for games, you could also have recreational activities such as watching television programs, surfing the internet and picnicking. Those activities can release tension and improve relationship with our family members and friends.


Students face problems in their everyday life, especially in their studies, friendships or even personal relationship. Therefore, they have to talk to someone in order to share their problems. Most students feel comfortable when they talk to their family members. For example, they prefer sharing their problems with their parents or elder siblings.


Some students feel that peers understand their problems better. So, they would rather talk to their friends about their emotions. For those who have counselors in their school, students are advised to talk to them. They are trained to handle student’s stress problems and they are more experienced too.


Most students have stress because they are lacking of time. Time is not only gold to them, its priceless and invaluable. Students should have a study timetable to divide their time properly. For example, one-fifth of their time should be allocated for recreational activities, while one-third of their times are reserved for studies.


Studying in groups improves the productivity of students and reducing unnecessary stress. They can help each other in their studies. A group of three to five students is ideal.


Making a checklist helps students who are with short memory, helping them to live more organized. Less clutter means less stress, especially for those exam-bound students. For example, you can prepare a notebook to joint down all your assignments and upcoming events, so that you would not forget them.


Listening to music an unique therapy method in reducing stress. It can help someone who is overstressed to relax and think better. For example, listening to classical music by Beethoven and Bach can relax overstressed mind.


In conclusion, stress is a problem that we should face and solve it. Remember, does not let stress manipulates us.

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How to Cope With Stress
Stress is a common problem among students. In Malaysia, it is stressful for the students because the education system is exam-oriented and each student has to study at least nine subjects for the Malaysia Education Certificate. Moreover, the schools and parents expected them to get perfect score in all the subjects so that they can have a better chance of entering Public University.

Despite of the pressure, students should not complaint about not having enough time. Amalina, Siti Fatimah and Siti Madihah who had obtained perfect scores in their SPM examination had proved that one must know how to manage one’s time well. Students must visualise their goal and work towards achieving it. 

Planning a time-table is one of the most effective ways of managing time. A timetable helps a student to schedule their study time,doing sports,engaging in leisure activities, sleeping hour and meal times. He must focus on completing a task given within the time scheduled. He should not procrastinate. 

As sports and leisure activities are also included in the timetable, students ought to feel relax. After all, within 24 hours, they are not only studying and completing tasks given by their teachers. In fact, they also have enough sleep and a set meal times. 

Besides, a well-plan timetable, a student needs a balanced meal. As he should never miss a meal, he should also make sure that the food he takes is nutritious. A meal must begin with fruit. Fruit provides vitamin C which helps to boost a student’s immunity system against diseases. Fruit is also good at balancing emotion. Student should not also miss carbohydrate, protein and minerals in their food intake .They ensure a student to have enough energy and strength to go through a day.

Furthermore, many evidences have shown that students who work in a group find studying less stressful. They are able to discuss the topic they do not understand and get solution to problems faster than studying own their own. Amalina for example had pointed to working in group as one of her success tips.

Nobody in this world is living a problem-free life. Students are not exempted. So if they have problems, they should talk about their problems to people whom they can trust. Parents are the best persons to talk to. Others whom they can seek advice from are teachers and counsellors. A wise friend may help too. Talking to someone will make the problem lighter and bearable.

Many people believe that listening to music helps to reduce stress but students need to choose music which soothes to the ears. Since stressful people usually suffer from headache, heavy rock music may only increase the stress.

Some religious people like the Buddhist and Hindu resort to meditation while the Muslims perform their prayer and recite the Quran as way of reducing stress. Students may do so according to their beliefs.

Stress is clearly manageable. A student must develop a positive approach towards life and avoid being saddened by trivial matter.at 8:52 PM