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moral value .

- we should not allow anger to control our life .
- we should be sincere , even with our rivals .
- we should make peace with everyone , friend or foe .
moral value .

"A Poison Tree" is a poem about anger, and, more importantly, some of the destructive consequences that can result when we cultivate our anger, rather than try a more productive outlet for this potentially dangerous emotion (like stamp collecting!). The fact that Blake refers to anger as "wrath" suggests that the poem is about a more serious type of anger, a vengeful or spiteful feeling of biblical magnitude ("wrath" is commonly used in the Bible to refer to the anger of Old Testament God). In other words, this is seriously powerful stuff that must be carefully guarded against.

Yang ni beserta dgn moral value di akhir perenggan :)

The poem is about anger that is not resolved. the persona allows the anger to grow inside him like a poison tree. he could not forgive his enemy and kept thinking what the enemy had done towards him

he set a trap for his enemy. he pretended to be a friend but he is not sincere. his enemy did not knw the personas trick. his enemy fell for his trap and in the end his enemy suffered.

his enemy has must made him suffer so he had cried. he wateref the tree with his tears. 'the foe outstreched beneath the tree' symbolises death but not physical death. it might be death of a relationship or the death of trust/forgiveness.

we should not allow anger to increase by thinking about it. anger grows into hate and hate causes us to tke revenge on someone. we should try to settle problems openly and in a friendly manner. hating and being angry with someone does more harm than good.