1) Mr. Li
-63 years old man who is very rich and owned a shipyard and he just lost his mother.
-Love to count the ships at the shipyard.
-A caring man because he bought  binoculars to his lat mother just because he wanted her mother to see as far as she can.
-He loved his mother very dearly and she even scolded her daughter Ying for being rough with her.
-He was torn between traditions and modern ways.
-Even tough he was a successful man, he still believed in the parents' blessings in finding comfort and strength.

2) Li's mother
-A very gentle lady, who has lived so many years and had gone through so many things in her life and now is old and frail. 
-She loved her son very dearly and she did not need anything but loves and cares.
-She too loved her granddaughter, who is very proud that she can do lots of things.
-a very well-mannered woman and she hold to the traditions very strong. She strongly believed that custom and traditions need to be hold carefully and respectfully.

3) Helen
-Mr.Li's wife and she really enjoys tea parties with her friends which it was very displeasure to Mr. Li.

4) Ying
-The daughter of Mr.Li and Helen. 
-A young and modern girl but very kind and understanding. 
-She was very sensitive and she too was trying to build a bridge between her father and mother.