Germans are starting up submarine warfare. Richard and Gus want hunting at noon. Richard is scared to kill a animal because he never went hunting before.
United States had declared war on Germany.
Blanche's Uncle Steve is in the army,and he is liable to be fighting the Germans soon. Richard wrote a letter to famous person named Mr.Kilmer about what he should do with his poetry and about how he is feeling write now.
Someone vandalized the tavern owned by Hannah Schermers just because they came from Germany. Richard gained two bullies for signing a card going to the Schemers. Richard got a letter from someone in New York he wonders who it came from.
The letter that came back was from Mr.Kilmer. The letter said that Richard it is time to come over your fear and tell everybody you write poetry.Hannah's brother joined the American Expeditionary force cause its the write thing to do even know he might have to kill his on cousins
On the last day of school he finally reads his poetry in front of the class. Working at the farm with his Pa that summer helped them get closer. Richard and Mr.Kilmer exchanged a handful of letters during the summer. 
Mr.Kilmer left to go to Europe for the war.The school is putting on a patriotic program to help finance the war. There was two main people for the play, but in order to get the parts you had to write poetry. Richard got the main part for dough boy and Hannah got the main part for lady liberty.
Students and parents where mad when Hannah got the part for lady liberty because she was from Germany. Hannah decided to decline the role for lady liberty. Richard decided not to do the play either. 
Richard talks to his dad about why he turned down his part in the play. He got a letter back from Mr.Kilmer from the war. In April, they forced the British to retreat.
Gus (Richard's brother) joined the army after his graduation. Pa and Gus get into an argument about the war. Hannah tells Richard that Mr.Kilmer has been killed in the war.
Richard reads in the newspaper how he died. Mr.Schermers wants Richard's poems to be in the newspapers.The Americans win the war against Britain.
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