My name is Nur Aliana Nabila.I am 12 years old. I school in SK Ayer Puteh. I lives in Taman Berjaya , Pendang, Kedah. My hobbies are reading novels and plays badminton.I have two brother, their names is Amir Husaini and Amir Fawwaz. Husaini is 9 years old and Fawwaz is 6 years old.Their school in SK Haji Abdul Rahman.Their love to play video game.My mother name's is Badriyah.She is 38 years old.She loves to cook and loves to do work.My father name's is Ahmad Tamizi.He is 38 years old.He loves to gardening.I have a cat. It name's is chika.It colour is white.I loves my family.

correction-my father's/mother's name is... I study at..... I live in....
they study in..... they love....Its name is(the cat)