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Orang takkan buruk sangka kalau orang yang buat tu buat orang lain buruk sangka.
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contohnya seorang budak perempuan bercakap dengan lelaki berdua-duaan yg menyebabkan orang lain berfikir orang ni ada hubungan sedangkan perempuan tu hanya nk tanya je hari ni kerja sekolah apa
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Because they can say whatever they think based on just looking at someone or something. plus they dont have the energy or the willing to dig further of whats actually going on. moreover most people just follow up with the majority thinking that majority always wins no matter if its good or bad. 
effect on the victim, betrayed,depressed and mostly disappointed the face no one believes the victim.

for eg, justin bieber. everyone says he's not a great person and makes up stories. eventually truth came out and look everyone is looking up to him. less haters and more fans wanting to know the real justin.

#harap ini membantu :)
btw even if everyone is thinking bad about u, dont give a mind about it instead just be on ur own. 
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