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Ini contoh karangan bahasa inggris tentang kebakaran:

At that time was 8 pm in the night and the situation was still very quiet and peaceful. I was at home with my family. My sister and I were watching television while my father and mother were chatting in the living room. Then the calm and quiet atmosphere was suddenly turned into a chaos. At first I did not notice anything until I heard a very loud voice shouted from outside the house “fire fire fire”. Hearing that sound, I was very surprised. My father and mother took us all out immediately. Then I saw a very big and black smoke from the front of my house. It was my neighbor’s house which a bit far from ours was on fire.

Everyone around my house was running toward the burning house, including my dad and I. While my mother and sisters were getting ready at home to prepare the worst situation. I along with all my neighbors tried to extinguish the fire. We helped each other to extinguish it with water. However, after nearly an hour the fire was not yet extinguished even it had been getting worse and started to strike other house.  The situation became increasingly panicked.

When everyone was panic, Firefighter that we had been waiting for finally arrived. There were 5 units of firefighter’s car arrived at the scene. After Arriving, they began to prepare their tools. They issued a very large pipe and sprayed it with so much water. It was about 3 hours firefighters aided by us trying to extinguish the fire.

Finally after trying so hard, the fire began to extinguish at 23.30 pm. We were all grateful and thanked to the firefighters. Fortunately it was only 2 houses on fire because the fire had not spread to the next house. The cause of fire that night because there was a surge of electricity estimated at the burning house.