- a successful businessman in the shipping sector
- has a happy childhood with his family in Tanjong Rhu
- happy family life - wife , son and daughter
- close relationship with his mother but does not open up to her easily
- modern in his ways and ideas - takes pride in his modern ways - makes sure no one is about when he bows to show respect to his dead parents
- tolerant - does not interfere in his mother's traditional ways
- meticulous - keeps track of the number of ships by counting themĀ 
- patient and respectful - waits for mother to finish prayers although he had to leave for office - does not hurry her
- filial - made sure funeral of mother is done in the right way - full of customs and traditions
- strict and does not entertain direspect from the young - expects daughter to respect the elders
- regrets not to talking to Ah Ma and never listening when she talked
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