Chong's Family From Johor Bahru Want To Reach Penang At 5.00 p.m on 12 June To Attend A Wedding Reception. The Distance From Johor Bahru To Kuala Lumpur Is 341km Whereas The Distance From Kuala Lumpur To Penang Is 330km. The Family Will Stop In Kuala Lumpur For 6 Hours To Do Some Shopping Before Continuing Their Journey To Penang. If They Follow The Speed Limit ( 110 km/hour ) On The North South Highway, When Should The Family Depart From Johor Bahru?



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Johor > penang(5:00p.m.)
johor-----kuala lumpur(341km)6 hours----------penang(330km)
speed = 110km/h

s = d/t
17:00 - 6 hours = 11:00 a.m. at kuala lumpur

110 = 341km/t
110t = 341km
t = 3:06 a.m.

2 5 2
5:00p.m-3 hours = 2:00p.m
2:00p.m - 6hours = 8:00a.m
btol kot
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