The Appleton community is looking forward for the Big Game. Newton is eager to see his brother in action.

Chris falls into coma in the Big Game and ta the same time, Newt, who is overshadowed by his brother's popularity, has to come out with a Halloween costumes. Captain Nobody is created and he has a series of successful rescue attempts.

The last rescue attempt by Captain Nobody happens on top of a water tower. He succeeds in helping Reggie but as they are climbing down the ladder, Newt falls down from the water tower and Reggie lands on him.

Falling Action:
Newt and Chris are placed in the same room in the hospital and Captain Nobody is revealed to the media. Finally, Chris wakes up and Newt has got the chance to tell all of his Captain Nobody's adventures to his brother. The Big Tackle incident is also resolved.

Newt leads the victory parade and receive awards together with Cecil and JJ. Plus, he finally gets the attention from the people around him. The Newman's family is now back with their own routines at their home.
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