The poem is about keeping anger and it's destructive consequences. The persona talks about being angry with his friend. When he talks it over with his friend,his feeling of anger melts away. However, when he has words with his enemy, he does not attempt to sort it out with his enemy. Instead, he keeps his anger inside and lets the anger fester inside him. He puts on a friendly front to deceive others, especially his enemy about his anger. This anger grows so strong and obsessive that it literally grows into a tree and bore a poisonous fruit. The fruit refers to the ugly results of the persona's anger. In other words, it controls the persona completely and when the enemy tastes the poison, he suffers a setback or punishment including death.

Moral value
- We should not allow anger to control our life.
- We should express our feelings in a healthy way and not bottle them up.
- We should make peace with everyone, friend or foe.
- We should know that obsession can lead to loss or self-control and destruction.
- We should be sincere, even with our rivals.
- We should not wish I'll on anyone including people we are not comfortable with.
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