Isi Kandungan...
P2: prepare things to go to grandparent's house-feeling-when did you go- what time did you go-
P2: arrive at what time-hug grandparents-go into their house- grandmother had cook-your family eat together with them
P3: one day before raya,decorate the house-clean the house- cook food like ketupat and lemang-bake cookies-brothers help to put the cookies in the nice jars
P4: raya day-prepare self-wear new clothes-eat some food-go to mosque to perform raya prayer-back to grandparents house
P5: forgive all the family members mistake-feeling-welcoming the guests-visit to cousins house-get money-at night, play fireworks
P6: pack your things-back to your house-eventhough tired, but happy to celebrate hari raya
Hari Raya celebration is getting near! My parent's said that we will celebrate Hari Raya at my grandparents house. I feel very excited because it's been a while I haven't visit my grandparents.
The next day, we go to my grandparents house. It took 3 hours to go there. I just sleep in the car until my mother wakes me up. I excitedly run to my grandparents and hug them very tight. I miss them very much. When I enter the house, there are very clean! Since we are fasting, there are no food on the table.
Finally,we can eat now. My grandmother and mother prepare a lot of food and it's very delicious! After eating, we go to the mosque to pray. My first day at my grandparents house when out like this.
Two days later,the day that I've been waiting for,it's Hari Raya! I wear a beautiful blue baju kurung and it match with my family! I get a lot of duit raya and also I think that I gain my weight! All of my cousins come to celebrate together. It is very happy day.
But the day after,we have to go back to Kuala Lumpur because I have to go to school. My parents have promise to me that we will come to my grandparents house often. This Hari Raya celebration is the best for me.