Hello guys, i know i am not 'important person' in this website. but i just want to give an advice to all of you since school is already starts (already march tho) and school holidays is already coming! okay so please listen to my advice, wherever you go, wherever you do please do not let all your books fly away. please read or do some exercise each an everyday especially the toughest one. trust me, you must do it today or you gonna cry tomorrow. thanks everyone. break your leg!



Note that this is question asking place. But nahhhh happy holiday everyone!! (remember to do revision though and rest a bit)
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0wh ..0key .. I always do it .. Because we have a new headmaster and he gave too many rules ! But , I as a student , always do his rules because I dont want my name writed at dicipline book .

Br0ken English ..
I still learn laa ..
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