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Frequency tuning, decomposition of sound by the cochlea
Characteristic frequency
Auditory (8th) nerve
Place code theoryTemporal code theory
Cochlear microphonicVolley principlePhase lockingWhite's cochlear implant experimentsVirtual pitchShepard's pitch illusion
Frequency Tuningvon Békésy used linear systems theory and Fourier analysis to characterize the motion of the basilar membrane. He found that the basilar membrance acts as a shift invariant linear system (by testing shift-invariance, the scalar rule, and superposition). He then used sinusoidal stimuli (pure tones) to measure the frequency response at different points along the basilar membrane. He then was able (using linear systems theory) to predict the response (that is, the motion of the basilar membrane) for any sound.
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According to the Frequency principle the firing rate of neurons matches the frequency of the sound wave, there is no such thing as an auditory principle, according to the volley principle different groups of neurons are fired such that the sum observed is greater than the individual signals.