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  • Tangan Bantuan
Dark and gloomy as it was. I was running for my life.-- I don't really know why. But the freeze of fear shot my spines as I was wet with cold sweat and tears.
the colour of death covered me. I just noticed the scars.-- I was running barefoot. I was confused, so I turn back. Nothing, not a living being was there. Somehow that time I felt a little bit of warmth.
But that turned out to be the moment. The moment that death stared at me. I can feel the warmth of his breath. Closer and closer.

Then my eyes opened.-- still confused, still sweating, but no blood. My fat cat was lying on my chest. Staring at my face with a purr. Then it licked my nose. It was a sign for breakfast... THE END :D

Say u at street and seen ghost