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The distance between two points P(x1,y1), Q(x2,y2) is the modulus of the vector PQ dist(P,Q) = |PQ| = 
For example to find the distance between the points P(3,-1) and Q(-1,2) we make the following calculations

1.- In your workbook calculate the coordinates of the vector PQ being P(3,-5) and Q(1,4) 2.-Now calculate the distance PQ.Now, using the mouse, you can move the points P and Q, or change their coordinates using the buttons at the bottom. You can see the length of PQ, for different points. 3.- Verify the result in this figure. 4.- What are the coordinates of the vector PQ if P(1,4) and Q(3,-5)Now what is the distance between P(1,4) and Q(3,-5)?.this is just an example