1. learn how to manage stress, in which is quite of a topic itself
- learn to develop healthy sleeping habits
- unwind with regular exercise
2. Meditate
- take your 'me' time to disconnect and be mindful
- be in the here and now.. something like that
3. Get in touch with you funny bone
- watch comedy, read comics,
- tonnes of funny youtube videos, honestly... it's an endless cycle for me..
4. Reach out
- if you are stressed or stuck somewhere, it's not a road you want to go through alone
- find someone who would wanna walk through it with you
- you might think there's no one, but really, you'll be surprised of how many would be willing if you reach out
- family, friends, teachers, counsellor, random ppl at brainly maybe

5. take care your health
- feel better, look better, live bettterĀ 

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