• Pengguna Brainly
Chapter 5
It was the end of school and Richard shared Mr Kilmer's lettert to the class.Many of his classmates discouraged him about writing poems but Mrs Hansen always gave  him support and adviced him to do what  he liked.Richard and Mr Kilmer often exchanged their stories and wonderful poems.Hannah also fully supported Richard and helped him to fini9sh his poems.The poem turned out really well.

    In history class,Mr Higby  described  about the  current battle .He also  reminded his class to keep  abreast of war events in summer holiday.

    During the summer,Richard helped his father at the farm and he also  noticed  that his father was always unhappy.One night,he wrote  about his Pa and very pleased with his work.

   Richard  received a reply from Mr Kilmer.He praised Richard's poem on the soldiers and he hoped this war will end all wars.Meanwhile,Richard continued to daydream about the smart and beautiful Hannah Schermer and wrote a poem about her.