1)Based on Tanjung Rhu, do you like the ending of the story. Provide ur answer with evidences.

2)Based on Tanjung Rhu, describe your favourite character. Explain your reasons for your choice and support your answer with close reference to the text.

3)Based on Tanjung Rhu, what lessons have you learnt? Explain with evidences and reasons.



3) The most important lesson l can learn from the short story Tanjung Rhu is respect for elders. The main character, Mr. Li , is a successful businessman who has little time and patience for the old ways of his culture. Yet, he is a filial son who respects his mother and tries his best to please her. He buys a pair of binoculars for his mother so that she would be able to see more clearly. He respects her wish to have a family altar. He teaches his daughter Ying to treat her grandmother with greater respect. l think this value is important in our culture.