On the good side , our country will generate more youth with good qualification in their education . This is because , most of the subjects which will be studied in the university will be taught in English . 

Not only that , teachers and tutors in schools , especially secondary schools will be more hardworking in producing competitive learners in order to achieve the target , which is aimed to reach 100% students passed in English .

This situation is of course related with students . They will do greater researches on how to master English subject and enhance their skills in writing and speaking , as well as honing the requirements to pass in the English subject .

However , we can see the disadvantages to the education itself . It is not as easy as ABC to target 100% students passed in English . In the same meaning , English is a tough subject to let the students really comprehend the way of thinking in English . So , what I mean is we will see much of people facing their failure in education , as English is a compulsory to be passed .