Chris is unconscious as the result of the winning touchdown.The whole ground is in complete silence when Chris is being attended and brought to the hospital.Chris’ test results come out and fortunately he is not suffering from any broken parts, he is just in coma.Back in his room, Newt still cannot forget what happened during the winning touchdown as he describes it as thethunderous crash.He tries to revert his concentration to Halloween as the Big Game incident keeps rewinding in his mind.The next day, Newt answers various callers trying to get some news about Chris.Cecil and JJ drop by at Newt’s house to give a few things to cheer him up.The local community is talking about the touchdown incident and starts calling it the Big Tackle.Cecil also tells Newt that some of the Ferrets get some revenge on Reggie, the Chargers’ defensive back who is accused of causing Chris to get into his coma.As the Newt recalls the Big Tackle, JJ tries to divert his attention by asking about their Halloween plan.Speechless, Newt tries to avoid Halloween by saying that he has lots of chores to settle.Both Cecil and JJ are not convinced and they decide to meet the next day at 6.00 p.m for Halloween.
hmmm awk dah ada semua sipnopsis utk cerita ni ya
dah study ya novel ni saya satu chapter blm lagi masuk T-T tapi saya dah baca habis cerita ni..