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Tanjung Rhu Form 4 Literature : Theme
Traditional habit versus current patterns which is this short story focusing on Singaporean Chinese life which contrast in terms of traditional and modern

Synopsis Tanjung Rhu Form 4 Literature
1) Simple yet profound story2) This short story is about a successful man who forgets his roots as a kampong boy in Tanjung Rhu and realises the importance and how much he misses it after his mother’s death3) Relationship between Mr T.W Li, a rich businessman and Ah Ma, his mother4) Mr Li has his office at Shenton Way and is modern in ways and ideas5) Ah ma is traditional with strong religious beliefs and practices ancestor worship6) The day after Ah Ma’s funeral, Mr Li recalls the day he told his mother about using binoculars or see far glasses7) Is also looks at the conflict, struggle and tension between modern and traditional society in Singapore through the realtionship between Mr. T.W Li and his mother8) Based on this short story Tanjung Rhu Form 4 Literature, Mr Li feels regret for the way jhe treats Ah ma after this mother falls ill and later passes away9) He never pays much attention to this mother’s stories about the past and realizes a little too late that most of his questions remained unanswered10) Mr Li promises to fulfil her last wish but is unable to find the key
Tanjung Rhu Form 4 Literature : Setting
Tanjung Rhu : place in which the protogonist of the story spends his life with
Tanjung Rhu Form 4 Literature : Moral Value
1) Although we live in modern world, we must not forget our traditional values2) We must learn to appreciate people while we can3) Money cannot buy everything4) Learn to respect and tolerate each other5) We should consider and accept changes in our lives and progress with the time6) We should always voice out our feelings especially if we want to express feelings of love for a family member especially an old parent.
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Character of tanjong rhu:
- Mr.Li 
- Ah-Ma
- Ying
- Helen