How to make a essay "scene of a car accident you had just witnesses while you and your family were on your way to your uncle's house" (a car crashed into lamppost), can u guys gve me the answer ..please i don't have a time




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Alright here it is
Last weekend, my family and I decided to make a visit to my uncle's place as it was his birthday!We bought him a present and a cake so we could celebrate with him since he lives by himself.

As we travelled to my uncle's place which was only a half an hour distance from our place at Butterworth, we turn on the radio and listened to some songs.In a blink of an eye, the car travelling in front of ours skidded sideways and hit a lamppost nearby. Dad quickly made his way out of the car and checked whether the driver and the passengers were alright.Luckily, the passengers had only minor injuries and the driver had passed out.Dad contacted the officials and the ambulance.We waited for the ambulance and the officials (the police) before we departed.The cause of the accident had been the driver's quick response to avoid from hitting a cat.
As we were on our way we discussed other ways to avoid accidents such as to be careful on the road, to always keep the law and more.

As we arrived at Uncle's place, I gave him a warm hugged and wished him a happy birthday.Uncle seemed so happy and he cut the cake and fed us some.We went out for dinner that night with him.It was a great night let out the incident. Dad and the driver became good friends since then and dad has been evermore careful when he drives with us around