You are the secretary of Welfare Club in your school.The club has just made a visit to an old folks' home.Based on the notes below, write an article for your school's Newsletter about your club's visit.

*Visit old folks's home on a Saturday
*Charter a bus for 35 members and a teacher
*Help the old folks clean up their room and the compound of the home
*Sing songs and put up some presentations

When writing your article
*use the notes given
*describe how the elderly and you feel
*add any other relevant information
*write between 120 to 150 words



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            Last weekend, our school English Society had organised a trip to visit the old folks home which was located in Taman Bahagia. The trip was comprised of twenty members and accompanied by two teachers. We boarded the bus from school at nine in the morning and arrive the old folks home at ten.

            When we arrived at the old folks home, all the senior citizens came out to welcome us. They cheered happily and welcomed us with opened arms. All of us were surprised with their respond and we gave everyone a food hamper that we brought along. 
            First, we were divided into two groups. One group was consist of ten people. The first group was given the task to clean up the compound of the old folks home. They swept the garden, gathered the dead leaf and clean the blocked drains. While the other group which was my group were responsible to clean up the hall and kitchen. We shared out the work and helped each other in order to complete our jobs as quickly as possible. 
            Then, we had lunch with the old folks. The foods that cooked by our two teachers were mouthwatering. They were so delicious. After lunch, we had some performances toentertain the senior citizens. We sang some evergreen songs to them and told them some interesting stories. They were so happy and clapped enthusiastically / cheerfully. They really enjoyed the shows that performed by us. 
           Soon, it was time to leave. We all said goodbye to the old folks, They seem so sad that we were going back so soon. Before leaving, we promised them that we will pay them another visit soon. It was a memorable and ecstatic trip.
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