You recently attended a leadership camp organised by your school. at the camp, one of your friends was chosen as the best group leader. you have been asked to write an article about your friend for your school magazine.



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Last week during the camp organised by the scouts, Lau Foo Kim was selected as the best group leader. He is 17-year-old and he has only 1 younger brother. He came from a normal family. His father works as a businessman while her mother is a house wife.

  While camping, Lim Foo Kim shows a good attitude and manner. He always helps his group member doing their work. Whenever our group member made a mistake, he quickly think of an idea to settle the problem. Other than that, he cares his group members. When one of our group member was injured, he took quick actions to help him and he took precautions when helping his group members. Most of my group members like him very much because of his kindness towards other people.

  Moreover, he earned the title 'the best speaker' during the camp. He speaks well and his pronunciation is very good. When he speaks for the camp debate, his point was very understandable and he won the debate competition. Furthermore, during the last day of the camp, he was voted as the most co-operative group leader. He never stone around and watch other people doing the work. He seldom help us whenever we are stuck.

  During the last day of the camp, he received a certificate of Achievement and RM500 as a prize.