• Pengguna Brainly
CHAPTER 18 : I LEARN AN UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH After Ferocious the Ferret has been caught, they leave the place as they need to gather their things that they have left by the roadside. At Newt’s house, the news about the aeroplane landing has become a sensation. Every person who is interviewed in the news gives their thoughts about the incident, also mentioning what Captain Nobody has done in stopping the busy traffic. The reporter concludes that it is undecided either Captain Nobody is good or evil. Cecil and JJ insist that they should go back to the highway and explain about the whole situation. Captain Nobody, on the other hand, feels that he should revert himself by becoming Newton Newman after what he has been through. By the time Cecil and JJ leave the house, it is already too late for Newt to visit his brother. Around dinner time, Dad calls to inform that he is going to stay over at the hospital with Mom. Newt also informs that his days as Captain Nobody are already over. That night, he dreams about the highway incident which then suddenly the Big Tackle incident starts to rewind. At the end of the dream, Newt learns that it is Darryl Peeps who had clashed his helmet against his brother’s. CHAPTER 19 : REGGIE RATNER DECIDES TO END IT ALL The next morning starts off with Newt having breakfast with Mom. Newt mentions that he knows about Chris only has 6 days to wake up and he suprises Mom by announcing that he is going to visit Chris later on that day. Although he pledges that he will not be wearing the costume again, he stuffs the outfit into his backpack and heads for school. He realises that he feels so lonely and ignored after returning to school as Newton Newman. When Newt is heading for his lunch break, he notices a lot of teachers rushing into the faculty lounge and gather around the television. There is news on the television reporting about Reggie Ratner wants to jump off the Appleton water tower after feeling depressed since the Big Tackle incident. Newt is in dilemma as he claims that he is the only one who knows the truth about the Big Tackle incident.