• Pengguna Brainly
CHAPTER 9 : I PRACTISE MY NEW NAME After they leave the first house, Cecil and JJ really like the idea of ‘Captain Nobody’ JJ gets a bit emotional as she can see that Newt seems to forget about his brother’s critical condition after being enthusiastic of becoming Captain Nobody. This time around, it is Newt who breaks the awkward moment and urges his two best friends to focus on celebrating Halloween. On that night, people show great interest into the three of them. The attention that they get has been joyful especially for Newton. 6.He feels more confident being Captain Nobody than being Newton Newman. Cecil and JJ are also aware of Newt’s change of attitude when they are counting their trick-or-treat collection under the street lights. When Newt arrives at his house, his mother has already hit the sack. He is a little bit disappointed because he wants to show his Halloween costume to her. Just before he falls asleep, Newt reassures himself by saying that he is not supposed to be anybody, he is Captain Nobody.