You witnessed a little girl lost in shopping mall.Write about the incident
when writing about the incident,you should:
.describe what happened
.describe the reaction of the passers-bye
.suggest ways to prevent such incidents from happening
.write between 120-150 words
paragraph thanks!!! :D



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      Last weekend,my family and I were chatting happily as we were very excited to buy our new clothes for the Hari Raya celebrations that was just around the corner.Hari Raya also is a red-letter day  for us.So,we decided to go to the shopping mall which is located at Kuala Lumpur.

      As we were walking towards a clothes shop,we heard a sound of a kid was crying.Suddenly,I saw a little girl was crying loudly.Being a caring person,I went to the little girl and asked her what happened.The little girl said that her mother was missing.My father decided to bring her to the 'Lost and Found' Department.The little girl still cried.We waited at the lost 'Lost and Found' Department.After a moment,the little girl stopped crying and was very happy because she saw her parents.Her parents happiness were beyond description.Her parents thanked us for taking care of their son and they promised they will be more be careful next time. 

       The incident has taught me a good lesson.Parents must always hold child hands when go to a place that have many people such as shopping mall.Besides that,the child also must always follow parents so that children will not be lost.These can save children from lost at shopping mall.