MOTHER'S DAY CELEBRATION        My family and I celebrate Mother's Day in a famous restaurant treated by our father every year. But this year, we decide to celebrate Mother's Day at home. We all planned the event weeks before. My mum was kept in the dark about the celebration.

        On that day, my father brought my mum to have breakfast and then they went for a movie. My father was supposed to bring mum home in the evening. My sister and I stayed at home to cook some scrumptious dishes while my brother went to the bakery shop to fetch the cake we ordered a week ago. He also stopped at the near by florist's to buy a bouquet of white roses.

         Later, three of us decorated the hall with colourful balloons and we also hung a big banner on the wall. The banner was written " Happy Mother's Day! We love you very much mum!". Everything was set up properly on the table and we had also put on our nice clothes to wait for our parents to come home.

         It was about 6.00p.m in the evening. My dad brought mum back on time. As both of them entered the house, my brother took out the cake and my sister presented our mum the bouquet of white rose. At the same time,we all said " Happy Mother's Day " to her. Then we took turns to hug and kiss her. My mother was touched and she was in tears of joy.

        Mother's Day is a crucial and special event for all the mothers in the world. It is the day for all the children to thank and appreciate their mother. Mothers had sacrificed their time and love us unconditionally.